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After The Last Bullet...

The mere notion of a world 

After The Last Bullet...



a poem, 

a drawing, 

and an animation.


What will it inspire next?

An ideal town, 

a better outlook, 

a new way of life?


What world will you see...

After The Last Bullet?

The Last Bullet

by DJ Noj



What a business!

Dealing death,

Creating a grave market.

Today, war--

It's fuel bullets--

Not a fist,

Not a knife,

Or even a stick

The trick is the trigger

Pulled by the finger.

So what happens when

The last bullet is made?

Is it then

Sunshine and shade?

Love at every grade?

This will be the day.

People will always die--

It's the cycle of life,

But when it comes to the bullet,

It's always death

No matter how you pull it.

When will we see 

The last bullet?

The last bullet?

The last bullet?

Could it be tomorrow?

The end of such sorrow?

From the tears of the ancestors

To the years of destruction,

An obstruction to the highest potential of the Human race.

We are all the children of the Mother,

The Woman. 

How many have been taken by the bullet?

Just think someone had to pull it.

When will we see the last bullet?

The last bullet?

The last bullet?

Will it be used to take another life?

Will it be made into a necklace?

Will it be encased in a museum?

Will it be buried with the guns?

Will it be forgotten?

Just to be created again?

The last bullet.

I hope it is used

to teach all those who would never know

That little thing--

So small--

Takes so much away,

Namely happiness.

From the the ones who get shot

To their families and friends

To the one who pulls the trigger--

They get shot with the nightmares

Of that last bullet.

That last bullet.

When will we see The Last Bullet?

Everyone project that,

That thought,

That thought of the last bullet,

The last bullet,

The last bullet.

Will we ever pull that trick?

The last bullet.

The last bullet. 

When will we see

The last bullet? 

Gun Fire


Audrey McNamara

Gun Fire.jpg

The Last Bullet


words by DJ Noj
images by GBU

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