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Our A.I. Library

Arty A.I.

AIVA - Music maker.

BeatBot - Beat maker.
Boomy - Tune maker.
Catbird - Picture hub. - Pics.

Clipdrop - Texts to pic.
Craiyon - Make & sell.
Deep Floyd - Make pix.
Dream AI - Image tools.

Dreamlike Art - Make, sell.
DreamStudio - Create and sell.

Eggnog - Vid with consistency.
Firefly Adobe - Create and edit.

Genmo - Create animated video. 
GetImg - Text to image, and editing.

InstantArt - Image creation, sharing.
Kaiber - Video and visual content maker.

Leiapix - Converts images into 3D format.


Leonardo - Image creation, game assets too.

Lexica Art - Image creation, search, and market

Mage Space - Image creation, editing and marketplace.

Maze Guru - Image creation, with style, genre templates.

NightCafe - Image creation, art community, marketplace.

Playground AI - Image creation, art community and stuff.

ScribbleDiffusion - Convert scribbles and text into images.

StableCog - Text to image, high quality, gallery of examples.

Arty-Assist A.I.

Alicevision - 3D-er.

AppyPie - Chatbot.

Artflow - Animator.

Cascadeur - 3D vid.

Chat4All - Chat app.


ChatOnAI - Chat app.


Cutout - Image editor.

Dre AI
- Prompt help.

ElevenLabs - Voice maker.

Firefly - from Adobe (beta). 

Fotor - Image size upscaler.


Hama - Erase stuff off pics.

Imgix - pic/video optimizer.

Invoke - Open source tools.

Hugging Face Chat - GPT 4.


Kapwing - Video editor tools.

Looking Glass - Hologram-er.

Media IO - Audio, video editing.


Mixo - Website builder, free trial.

Movmi - Motion capture for vids.

Ora - Another site of ChatGPT 4.


Palette - Colorize all your photos.

Poe - A hub including ChatGPT 4.

PromptPerfect - Prompt optimizer.

Replicate - Machine learning runner.

Rokoko - Motion capture from video.

nway - Video from prompt or footage.

Sassbook - Story generator, inspiration builder.

Scenario - Game asset creation, testing, and app.


Scenex - Image storyteller. Describes any picture.

Simplified - Graphic design creation, and editing.

Stable Demo - Stable Diffusion v 1-5. Text to image.

Stable Diffusion - Another site with demo ChatGPT 4.

Sticker Prompt Maker - Makes prompts for Midjourney.

Toolbaz - Script creation, give it the rules and let it play.

Vectorizer - Turns pixelated images into scalable vectors.

Blockchain Based


D.Live - Video streaming site.

D.Tube - Vid share for crypto.

LBRY - File sharing marketplace.

LivePeer - Infrastructure for video.

Theta - Decentralized video sharing.

Versaity - Infrastructure for rewarded video.

Other Stuff


AgentGPT - Deploy chat bot.

Augment - Personal Assistant.

BubbleIO - Deploy app maker.

CLIP Interrogator - Pic to text.

Code Translator - Code to code.


CollabLand - Membership mgmt.


Contenda - A content summarizer.

Eluna - Streamline your workflow.

Exemplary - A content summarizer.


Fabrie - Database + team sandbox.

Kaya - Your own personal chatbot.

MyShell - Creates unique chatbots.

Perplexity - Answers any question.

Piggy - Interactive content creator.

Photopea - Photo editor, very easy.

Playlist Genius - Prompt to playlist.


PluginSO - Watches out for latest plugins.


Recast - Audio summaries of written articles.

Skipvid - Summarize captioned youtube vids.

SQLchat - Ask questions & 
get SQL answers.

TinyWow - Free tools for any studio or office.

QuizGecko - Create quizzes with AI assistance.

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