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Graven Image Films

Full Service Entertainment Development and Distribution Company
One-Stop Shop
from Concept and Design
through Marketing and Release

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The Last Bullet
Animated Poem
by DJ Noj & GBU
The Last Bullet
Stop Motion Animation
by GBU & DJ Noj
Consume! - stop motion monster
Features Films - Interactive
Strange Games
Strange Games
I wrote a script.
A producer stole it from me.
So, we made a movie about her to warn others
and get help in tracking her down.
We changed enough of the details to avoid litigation,
but kept enough to provide a sense of her tactics
and hints at how to pick up her trail.
She keeps moving and changing her name,
which is why we need help
in order to Save Film!
So, let the Strange Games begin!


Play a Strange Game

Watch a clip, answer a question, get a clue!

Strange Gameplay 1
Strange Gameplay 2
Strange Gameplay 3

More clips and clues coming soon!

Full Movie

Original Photography
by DJ Noj
His work has been published
in photo magazines and featured in
over 60 International Exhibitions. 
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Commissions and prints available
Click images to enlarge
by gbu
Science Sense: Charlie Churns
Learning through Cartoon Verse
Features Films - Documentary

Beyond Belief:
Honeymoon at Burning Man
[entire film]

Short Films - Documentary

Saving Payahüüpü:

The Owens Valley Solar Story

Musical Picture Poetry

Cherished Trash

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